Jennifer Sheehan – Teacher

Grade: Fourth Grade

Role: Teacher

Career: This is my 20th year teaching in Boston. I started working as an accountant for Ernst & Young after graduating from Boston University’s School of Management. After three years of office work, I realized this was not my passion and decided to go back to school and get my Master’s of Education at Cambridge College. I love working with kids and truly enjoy my job. Math is my favorite subject to teach, but I also love reading chapter books with the class and seeing them get excited about reading. Each year brings a new bunch of smiling faces and unique personalities that I get to spend time with for one school year of adventures. I am blessed to have this job and work with such amazing students.

About Jennifer: I live on the South Shore with my husband Dan, my son Jake, and my daughter Molly. I enjoy being close to the ocean, going to the beach, and out on our boat during the summer. In my free time, I love skiing, going out to eat, teaching Zumba classes, taking yoga classes, driving my teenagers everywhere, and playing with my adorable dog, Summer.

Jennifer Sheehan | Teacher | Conley Elementary School