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First Grade

Second Grade

Mollie Van Deusen | Teacher | Conley Elementary School

Mollie Van Deusen – Teacher

I started my teaching career out in San Diego as a preschool teacher and then moved back to Boston and have been teaching at The Conley for 20 years. I began teaching at The Conley…

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Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Jennifer Sheehan | Teacher | Conley Elementary School

Jennifer Sheehan – Teacher

This is my 20th year teaching in Boston. I started working as an accountant for Ernst & Young after graduating from Boston University’s School of Management. After three years of…

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Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Nia Reid-Patterson | Teacher | Conley Elementary School

Nia Reid-Patterson – Teacher

I have been teaching in public schools for 11 years and private schools for 4 years. This is my second year at The Conley. I’ve taught preschool, 3rd grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, and 9th…

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Lisa Cabrera – ESL Teacher

I earned my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education at Wheelock College. In addition, I hold licenses in Moderate disabilities and ESL, and I am a Wilson-certified dyslexia practitioner…

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Zoe Rodriguez | Nurse | Conley Elementary School

Zoe Rodriguez – Nurse

This is my first year at the Conley and my first time in the role of school nurse! I have worked as an inpatient hospital nurse and outpatient nurse, but I’m very excited to be back…

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