Mollie Van Deusen – Teacher

Grade: 2nd

Role: Teacher

About Mollie: My name is Mollie Johnson Van Deusen. I am married and have two boys. Rogan is six, and Bodie is 3! I started my teaching career out in San Diego as a preschool teacher and then moved back to Boston and have been teaching at The Conley for 20 years. I began teaching at The Conley as a 2nd-grade teacher for two years and then moved into a substantially separate classroom with a mix of students with specific learning disabilities (LD) and social and academic remediation (SAR) for 5 years. I then spent the next 12 years as the intellectual impairment specialist and worked with teachers on the team with curriculum, scheduling, and behavior support, as well as provided intervention services to students in the strand as well as ESL services to students in K-6. This year I will be going back into the classroom as the second-grade teacher at The Conley!

Mollie Van Deusen | Teacher | Conley Elementary School